Umbrellix Left politics, programming, and self-hosted Internet services: experiences, lessons and hope

Umbrellix.NET Package Name Control

The /pkg/ directory

TODO: document all packages assigned names here.

Package Friendly name Copying Description
prog/suitcase libsuitcase Component specific, generally liberal Suitcase of programming libraries and headers - mostly found code
net-im/irca irca GPLv2+, apparently. Aster IRC IRC Daemon, the IRC daemon used on Umbrellix IRC
web/ussg Umbrellix SSG USL (modified CDDL) Converts pages from “headered Markdown” to HTML.
mail/nightmaremail Nightmare Mail USL (modified CDDL) Hard fork of notqmail.
mail/nightmarelists Nightmare Mail Lists USL (modified CDDL) Hard fork of ezmlm. Currently unreleased.
web/ugopherserver Universal Gopher Server 3CBSD Gopher and S/Gopher server - fork of old Gophernicus