Tracking the Coup d'État of the USA

Political position Person/Organisation Perspective
Nonpartisan Ben Patch on Quora source Tl;dr he's Putin.
Libertarian hard left (“liberal”) David Pakman of Midweek Politics "Warning: Trump's Muslim Ban a Test and Distraction" via YouTube
The idea is to create shock (Muslim ban), and then utilise the chaos from that to push through authoritarian reforms while attempting to placate radicalists (not mentioning Jews during Holocaust remembrance). Grow opposition, demonise opposition, concentrate power, find a way to use the law to silence opposition (re-election campaign starts on inauguration day, non-profits in USA cannot criticise due to political speech laws)
"Mayor Clobbers Trump on Sanctuary City Order" via YouTube
Trump is threatening to reduce funding for cities that do not enforce what is not their duty to enforce - immigration law in the USA.
"Sally Yates Fired By Trump for Doing Her Job" via YouTube
Sally Yates, acting General Attorney, says no to the President about an unlawful Executive Order regarding immigration from Muslim majority countries
The Young Turks: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola "Republican crosses the floor to vote against Trump education pick" via YouTube
Republicans realise their candidate for Edu Sec (Betsy DeVos) is so terrible that even by Trump's standards she would not make a good Education Secretary because she is not an educator, and has married into an anti-public-school (“pro-school-choice”) family.
Majority Report Jeffrey Lord Admits Travel Ban IS about Islam (via YouTube)
Chris: “There's no threat from the groups listed! This would not have prevented 11/9 or SB!” Jeff: “We're seeing this as fact, there's a threat from the listed groups. Not sure you hear how you sound. Preventative!” Chris: “If you gonna ban people, keep me safe from the people who want to hurt me. Make me safe, ban Saudi Arabia.” Jeff: “How many times has he said that the threat is Radical Islam™? He's targeting radical Islam!” BANG!
Centre-right Some of the actual problems existent with (Sunni) Muslims (originally:
Sunni Muslims are statistically more likely to be bigoted criminals when out in the real world.
Establishment centre-left Politico: Annie Karni, Josh Dawsey, Tara Palmeri Melissa McCarthy rattled Sean Spicer and WH
Trump doesn't like people who look weak, and apparently Spicer looks weak. Fired!
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