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Welcome to Umbrellix, where the cluster names are made up, the airplanes are fictional (Umbrellix FlightGear Hangar), the wiki had to be restored from a backup from last year or worse and the credentials matter.

We've added an ad to the webpage, sorry guys >_< and it later got removed? And if you have ads blocked, I advise donating to bitcoin address 1KTkMbhx5QoRC83iTNBj3mNzWPwD2st58v in order to keep this site and IRC running.

Umbrellix has split from OpenStar.

Umbrellix, like all IRC networks, has policies that must be followed. The TOS/AUP is in the /MOTD. Below are the articles of specific network departments.

Umbrellix, unlike many IRC networks of its meagre calibre (one active oper, who owns the place, and one fairly inactive oper), has multiple departments of operation, used mostly to categorise pages on this Wiki, but also used as the portfolios of future committees, should the network somehow grow.

Department Committee Members Home page Portfolio
Software Coder Committee Ellenor software/* Chatd, our ircd, and monitord, our eggdrop-script framework
Administration and routing Routing Committee Ellenor, Zack, Jovan, Ronsor routing-com/* Rules for linking, rights and duties of server administrators, oper covenant requiring a digital signature

Available on this wiki is a repository of copypastas, some informational and some just downright bizarre.

Umbrellix has switched to chatd and is no longer open link. We still entertain support requests for the old nefarious-based ircd. You may download it here ( or git clone at any terminal as the user you wish to install your IRCd as on the machine you wish to install the IRCd on.

The example-openstar.conf configuration file is the one you want to use - please comment out/delete the spoofhost blocks if you don't wish to use them. Ronsor is going to be very embarrassed, because he kinda didn't.

Title Status Servers Usual IRC nick Channels Frequented
Network Administration Committee Delegate Active, full participant*,*,* Reinhilde #lounge, #admin-com #attic
Voice of reason, trusted operator Network Administration Committee Delegate Active, full participant*,*,* Jovan #lounge
Apertron has been struck off the roster. has been struck off the roster. has been struck off the roster.
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